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  1. Dear Linda Bunny,
    My day has been blessed after rereading “In the Time of our Sun.” You and your excellent and sophisticated gentleman friend cherished each other and had so much in common, yet your foci were quite different from one another’s. So putting aside the other points of this incredible writing right now, I just want to let you know that this extraordinary gentleman loved you and Joanie for who you both are….(his descriptions)….kind, kind, kind, witty, unfailingly upbeat, family, fun, extraordinarily intelligent, and yes….Bunnies. He and my mom often referred to you as “The Bunnies.” “The Bunnies invited us for….”

    Even though my dad was unfailingly joyful even when he got sick, I want to thank both of you for bringing even more joy and happiness those last few years of his life. Oh, if you could have seen how excited he was to go to the tennis court every morning. Each time I talked to him on the phone (before meeting you,) I heard all about Linda and Joanie, Gene, Amy, and Evie. “They are a real family,” he would say. Much love, Randa

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