Families — 5 Comments

  1. This was one of your best Ravings! I learned a lesson or two from the perfect wolf! What a beautiful place this forest in British Colombia would be to visit – I can picture it vividly in my mind!

  2. Reading this piece at this time in our world gives me a sense of space freed from the cares and trials of human society–a space you create with your masterful command of language that elevates my thoughts and feelings in the way that few things ( like beautiful music and art) only do. Thank you for retelling the story, Linda.

  3. What a happy story with a beautiful ending! I could feel the cool, rich, and pure air from your vivid description of the old growth forest. I love the relationship between Nahani and peaceful Gregory who deeply respected and abided by the perfect forest’s “rules.” Oh if we could learn from this!

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