RAVINGS are a series of essays I have been writing for fifteen years.  They portray the troubles and anxieties, as well as the happiness and peace of the creatures attempting to live alongside us in this brutally commercial world, a world gone mad.

These are not the writings of a humanist, as I am not one.  Living among a billion galaxies demands that we recognize our tradition of humanism,  this idea that we are the centerpiece of creation, as preposterous. So many non-human individuals possess organized personalities just waiting to be drawn out through an emotional and intelligent involvement with a human being, if only we could see their potential and live in peace with them.

The planet, in its grief, is no longer tolerating our threat to its ecosystem.  Mayhem is in the air. News of earthquake swarms, tsunamis and collapsing glaciers is no longer news. Poachers murder and mutilate the last of the large mammals on the planet.  Dumbed down millions reject the latest results of scientific inquiry for the random opinions of OK, Google.  Astrobiologists quarrel about how to present humanity to other species we may encounter in the cosmos, the majority agreeing we must camouflage our nature.

The animals and birds and fish and trees and plants described in these pages are so extraordinary that hopefully their very presence prevents me from being either pompous or stupid in writing about them.

I hope you find new friends here that will make your finite journey around our star less lonely and more meaningful.


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  1. I’ve read them all and look forward to many more. Linda has a unique blend of information about the natural world, a cosmic vision and stories about her daily life. Informative and inspiring, her prose creates unforgettable scenes.

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