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  1. Linda,
    I finally got around to reading this and it was a great pleasure. Wow, you are such a powerful writer, bringing me into my day feeling one with all that is. I will never tire of reading your observations!

  2. What better way to preoccupy oneself when searching for your own nest, than to follow the osprey. When I first moved to the Gulf Coast I was happy to notice old friends perched and poised for fishing on the Franklin Howard Bridge. An avid birdwatcher all my life, I knew I would be treated to the sights and learning the habits of tropical birds in Florida, so exotic to me. Most of my experience was with raptors– Redtail Hawks in the mid-Atlantic and Bald Eagles, in Alaska, where there is the largest concentration. And in the home I like bed in on the Chesapeake Bay for 20 years before moving south, the osprey was my friend. Excitement would build in small waterfront communities waiting for their arrival in spring. There, many a dedicated homeowner would install a huge pole just off the shoreline with a wooden platform, and then watch the osprey work their magic, breeding, building, borrowing–sticks, flotsam and jetsome, creating a home for their offspring. My own community had two small piers that went out into the Bay, one with tin, pitched roof shelter at the end. and yes, platforms were provided our visitors. But osprey have their own mind, and one pair year after year insisted on building instead on the electrical utility pole. Potomac Electric took a dim view of that, hence the platforms. One aspiring young archetectural student osprey took to building on the metal pitched roof at the end of their pier. Sticks rained down from osprey to roof, sliding into to the Bay, day after day after day. I became this Ospreys biggest fan, crossing my fingers with each attempt at nest construction. After all, the osprey’s stay in Maryland is a brief one in summer. I guess you can lead an osprey to a platform, but the choice is still theirs. Besides, there is always next summer. Or hey, I’ll bet Florida has a longer season for our beloved industrious feathered friend. How about Fort DeSoto Park. I’ve seen tons of successful nests there. Go south young bird, just St like us.

  3. Oh, Linda, getting carried away with the very subject of Osprey, I failed to say how much I enjoyed being taken from the micro of the beauty and intimate details of osprey building nest and family, to the macro, the developer who sets his sights rather on the human species, promising waterfront condos. We all know at what expense to the natural world around us. As we used to say in Alaska, when a family of beavers would move in and take down a stand of willow, or a moose would wander into our cabbage patch and chow down, “they were here first.” I guess that never occurs to the developers. Wonderful piece.

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