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  1. Hi Linda, reading your commentary for the first time and I thank you for your lucid writing so full of alive alliterative and
    wise plant expressiveness.
    Just wanted to mention that I have derived a lot of help from Stephen Buhners work on Lyme disease that I have had,it turns out, for 52 years.
    Thanks for your’expose’ on Kurzwell – so
    arrogant I think.
    Cheers, Robin Birdfeather

  2. We have flocks of turkeys at this time of year visiting our yard. They especially love the beautiful flower garden that Ben planted for me outside my window last year when I was recuperating from my surgeries. The problem is that the turkeys are nibbling on and tearing up the coleus, zincas and marigolds. They don’t listen to me when I talk to them or try to chase them away. Should I try talking to the plants and flowers? Maybe they will spirit the turkeys away.

  3. I wonder if Mr Buhner, typed his manuscript on a computer or wrote it out long-hand with a stick from a tree inserted with graphite and onto a piece of pulp? Best one yet.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Linda and Joanie. You touched my heart.
    By the way, I speak to my plants all the time and praise them when they do well. Maybe I should sing to the ones that don’t do so well !

  5. Bravo! Bravo, Linda! So well written and enjoyable! After such a busy two weeks, I finally had a chance to sit down and read your beautiful and thought provoking work (of art.) What an eye opener about Kurzwell and people like him….and how refreshing to read about Buhner and his philosophies on life, mortality, and the world around us that is filled with the living plant world. I can relate, somewhat, to you and Buhner. We lost a huge oak recently, and it was like losing an old friend. My grandmother had the most beautiful flowers. Many years ago, she told me her secret….she talked and sang to them. I think I’ll be singing to them, too. I hope they don’t mind if I’m a little off key.

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