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  1. Thanks for this very interesting article about the Jouberts and their extreme sacrifice and bravery, storied with some jungle rules that I wasn’t aware of. I’ve always been in awe of male lions, observing that they really look and deserve their title as the “king of beasts”. I’ve learned their lives are full of violence, exploitation and sex—in other words just like human royalty throughout much of history.

  2. In 1983, in the Nguruguru crater I was lucky enough to witness 2 lioness’s hunt and kill a pregnant Zebra. I was with a small group in a WW2 converted truck with just a canvas top (rolled back) between me and the hunt. The sounds of it all surprised me. Watching something like this on television although startling was silent. In person the sounds were incredibly startling.
    All you write about happened. The 2 lioness’s killed then stood back as the lion ambled in and ripped the fetus from the mother. He left with it. The adult lioness’s then ate. Next came the cubs. After that the large carrion eaters jungles what was left with the hyenas. I’m sure after we left the various small mammals and bugs finished off the rest.
    I wasn’t disgusted or upset just awed by the endless dance of nature.
    Keep up the excellent work. You make the story so easy to read.

  3. You are right, we are the worst of the lot. We have to acknowledge it soon to save humanity and this planet. Especially the lions…………Love, Pat

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